Subject Re: How to do CTRL characters in an IB string literal?
--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@d...> wrote:
> I dunno whether this adds anything to it, but at one time long ago I
was setting up a number of formats in a table for outputting to
external files. I posted a question on the mers list which Bill
Karwin answered, and it worked.
> My question was: how can I get Carriage Return and Line Feed into
the last two 1-byte columns of my table?
> Bill answered that the only way he knew was to cut and paste the
actual characters from a text file format that could display them.
(Used to be Ctrl-M and Ctrl-J on the old DOS keyboards). I seem to
recall that one way to "print" them so that they could be copied was
to create an rtf file in Word with all the non-printable characters
turned on and actually type Ctrl-M and Ctrl-J. I think they need a
space between them in Word to prevent it from converting the two bytes
to Ctrl-T (ΒΆ). (btw, I got that character by typing Alt-20...doesn't
seem to work for Alt-13 (?) or Alt-10 (?) in my mail client though.)
> H.

Maybe i'm missing the point in this discussion, but why not just
something like

SELECT 'text'||chr(10) FROM rdb$database;

Of course, to convert control characters in an existing string is
probably i different story...