Subject Re: SQL Help
--- In ib-support@y..., "Charlie" <charliekerscher@m...> wrote:
> I'm using Delphi 5, Interbase 6. I have an Items table that has
> and heightstring as fields. <... formula used to calculate square
feet snipped ...>
> How do I use a select sum statement in an SQL to sum the square
feet. I've
> tried:
> select sum(trunc(widthstring + 0.9999) * trunc(heightstring +
0.9999) /
> 144)) but this doesn't work.

[Ah yes, the ever-elusive "this doesn't work".]

Which form of "this doesn't work" are you experiencing?

For example, are you getting a syntax error? (Looks like you have an
extra right paren in your example, by the way.) Wrong results? No
results? Slow results? Smoke spewing from server? [Visit from the
Metric Commission?]

Is this the only thing in the select list?