Subject Unofficial FAQ about IB 6.0 SE
Author Carlos H. Cantu
1) Will IB 6 SE (Server Edition) available for free download?

1. No, InterBase 6 Server Edition will not be available for free
download. The InterBase 6 Open Edition source code is free for
download from SourceForge.

2) Does IB 6 SE has code changes not available in the IB source on Sourceforge ?

2. No, InterBase Open Edition will have the same core engine as that
of the Server Edition.

3) Will Borland keep evolving the FREE code found at Sourceforge? If so,
will be this the same code used in the SE future editions?

3. Yes, code changes will be rolled into the code base on SourceForge,
and, most certainly this code will be used in future editions.

4) Is there a list of problems found in IB during the certification
process? Is there a list of what was solved?

4. Yes, a bug list will be put online on SourceForge.

PS: An official FAQ will be on Borland site next week.



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