Subject Re: temp table
This was a question out of curiosity. I'm just trying to figure out
what Interbase lacks. I'm working with DB2 and the database has the
worse table design one could imagine, it's not very relational (it's
a operational data store for the largest health insurance provider in
the U.S.). We are opening, on average, about 10 cursors per stored
procedure, fetching the results into variables, inserting the
variables into a temp table and selecting from the temp before it
disappears. I'm not sure what we would have done without the temp
tables (I'm not a DBA so there are probably other ways). We started
out CREATING temp tables before they upgraded DB2 where the new
version allowed us to DECLARE temp tables which disappear. The
DECLARING allowed us not to worry about creating the temp tables in
the other 3 environments that we have to use.

Sorry, this is more info then anyone would want.

I'm enjoying learning about Interbase and look forward to useing it
in my futre apps.

Thanks for the responses.

-Darin Vanatta

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> Darin,
> What do you want to do with the temp table
> before it vanishes?