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Check the amount of free disk space on the server, I think would find
that it is a little low.

IB/Firebird creates temporary files for sorting/grouping/sub-sets, this
error typically occurs when IB can't add more information to those

There is a optional parameter in the ISC_CONFIG/IB_CONFIG file, which
allows you to change the path for the temporary files - you could also
define multiple locations.


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Hi all

I though i was lucky when i came across the posting below... but it
out to be
trickier than i thought.... client has a 4 pc network
all running NT4 workstation with SP6 & IE5

100% identical hardware in each
TCP-IP is the ONLY protocol installed and bound to nics...
NETBUI is not installed on ANY pc...

but still the interbase log (on the server) is filling up with the

SERVER (Server) Wed Feb 28 09:24:38 2000
WNET/wnet_error: ReadFile end-of-file errno = 109

the message below (from communities)
states its only a netbui problem.... i'm tearing my hair out here

Wingate is installed on one of the pc's (not the server)

Any ideas?

Matt Davey
MIMS Australia

Abstract:WNET errors are NetBeui networking errors.

How do I determine what a wnet errno means?

SERVER (Server) Fri Sep 26 08:11:48 1997
WNET/wnet_error: ReadFile end-of-file errno = 109

SERVER (Client) Thu Nov 06 12:18:01 1997
WNET/wnet_error: CreateFile errno = 53

WNET errors are NetBeui networking errors. InterBase tried to perform
some sort
of networking function using NetBeui and the underlying NetBeui stack
an error. The error returned is in the form of an errno.

Where to look for a description of what the errno means:

Note: Both of these require that you have a compiler or version of the
installed to find the appropriate files.

[C Compilers] - look in the include directory for the file winerror.h.
This file has a
list of the errnos and a brief description
of what each means.

[Delphi] - search the delphi directory for the file windows.pas. This
file has a list
of errnos and a brief description of what each means.

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