Subject Problem (un)installing Firebird
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
First I upgraded to Firebird 0.9.4 Test1 - installing everything (possibly
excepting ODBC, I don't remember). Later, I discovered that I had forgotten
to delete gds32.dll before upgrading, so I uninstalled Firebird and tried
to reinstall again. But then the local server stopped working, and has
never worked since!

The Interbase server doesn't start when I turn my PC on (even though
startup mode is automatic), and if I go to Interbase Manager and click
"Start", I simply get an error "Unable to start the server" regardless of
whether I try to start it as a service or not (the only difference being a
nonsense symbol after the message changing slightly depending on whether I
start it as a service or not).

My event log states "The InterBase Guardian service failed to start due to
the following error: %1 is not a valid Windows NT application".

I have tried deleting everything from my registry regarding Interbase
(well, I didn't bother to delete what Delphi automatically creates for the
IBX components - I'm very IBO, but haven't bothered to delete IBX),
switching on/off my computer between uninstallation and reinstallation, but
it doesn't help much. Interbase client is working just fine, and I have no
problem connecting to other interbase servers on remote machines (although
they are 5.6, not FB).

I'm much better at programming than configuring or installing on my own PC,
so I'm stuck. Anyone having useful tips?

Thanks in advance,