Subject user login and processor utilization
Author Lutz Kutscher

I have up to now been working with a Sybase SQL Server (11.0.1).
I want to change our system to IB / Firebird during the next 1 or 2 years
(lots of software has to be adapted), so a lot of questions
are running through my mind.

The main application working on our Database is a cash register software.
Up to 25 cash registers are connected to the Database. All requests/queries from
should always have priority over any request/query from any other workstation
in our network (e.g. statstics query, price changes etc).

So now to my question:
is it possible to set the priority, in which a query is processed depending on
the user login?
e.g. The cash registers (which automatically log in to the database) could all
use the
same login "CASH". For this login I would set the priority to "Highest".
All other logins would use the priority "Standard".

If this option does not exist, are there any chances of it being implemented in
future version of Firebird?

Thanks again