Subject Re: [ib-support] Accessing Interbase on a LAN
Win95 has rather poor network support, so it may be necessary to use
Netbeui protocol rather than TCP/IP, but TCP/IP is prefered.

That is "\\Gateway desktop\c\MyPath\MyData.gdb", '\c\' should be the
shared name for the c drive on that machine.

I don't think you can use spaces in a machine name. This has to be a
'single word', so it is normal to use the '_' (underscore) if a space
would help readability. If you have a space in the HOSTS file, it will
not find the address!

If TCP/IP is correctly set up on the machine, and I forget how to get to
it's setting in W95 - we NEVER deployed it to customer site as it was
too unstable!
Control Panel - Network - is used on W98.
There should be an entry for 'Gateway' which allows you to set the
machine address of your main server. Also we normally un-install the
dialer and re-install it so that it comes after the network connection
in 'bind' order, but again - not sure if this will work on W95

W98SE has a lot of these little problems fixed so all our sites have
been upgraded to that ( and if Microsoft want more money off us because
we have not got enough SE licenses they will have to prove previous
issues were 'fit for purpose' ! ).

HOSTS file should have


on both machines ( you can then just copy one file to the other machine
if need be )

From a DOS prompt you should be able to

If either of these do not work, then you still have a network problem. (
The dialer can be killed if it pops up, the ping should still work ).

Once you have this working - then you can try "Diagnose Connection..."
using the TCP/IP settings.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services