Subject Re: [ib-support] Accessing Interbase on a LAN
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 2/15/2001 06:17 PM (Thursday), mss@... wrote:
>First I must choose between "Local Server" and "Remote Server". I
>think I want "Local Server" because the server is on the LAN. Or do
>I want "Remote Server" because the server is not installed on this PC?

You want remote server because the server is NOT the local machine.

>Anyway, when I try "Local Server" I must then supply a path to the

If you use remote server you must also give a path to the database but this
path is from the perspective of the remote server machine, not your client
machine. The database must reside on a hard drive which is local to the
server machine.

>I've also played with the associated HOSTS file but I
>don't know how to reference the local "Gateway desktop" PC in terms
>of an IP address.

If you are using TCP/IP protocol (which is recommended) you will definitely
need to know the IP address of the server machine. You can enter it where
you designate the server or in your HOSTS file. If you put the IP address
in your HOSTS file and associate a name with that address then you put the
name where you designate the server.

Hope this helps. If you have more trouble just ask again!