Subject Register a Server
I have an Interbase Server running on a PC and I would like to access
it from a work station on the network.

I installed the Interbase Client and the IBConsole at the work
station. I noticed that my application didn't work automatically so
I assume my next step is to register the server at the work station.

In IBConsole I select "Server - Register" and select the "Remote
Server" radio button. I think my problem may be that I don't know
how to fill out the "Server Name" field.

Here is what IB Help has to say under the topic "Server - Register":

"If the InterBase server is accessed over a network, select Remote
Server (default). When registering a remote server, provide the
Server Name (the network name of the server) and select the Network
Protocol used by the server (TCP/IP, NetBEUI, SPX/IPX) from the
pulldown menu.. The Server Name can be the network name (i.e.
dbserv, ibserver) or network address when using TCP/IP (i.e."

From this description, I still don't know what the "Server Name" or
the "network name of the server" refers to. I don't understand
where "dbserv" and "ibserver" come into play. Where are these server
names defined and queried?

I've tried the following items: 1) the network name of the PC I'm
trying to connect to (Control Panel - Network - Identification), 2)
the "Host Name" of the server (Server Properties), 3) the "Alias Name
of the server (Server Properties), 4) the "Description" of the server
(Server Properties).

None of these seem to meet the requirement of "network name". The
specific error I get is this: 'Unable to complete network request to
host "My Host"'.

The drive is shared that hosts the server, so I don't think this is
the problem. I think NetBEUI is probably the right protocol to use.

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?


- Dale F.