Subject Re: [ib-support] Question about koncept
Author Paul Schmidt

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Subject: [ib-support] Question about koncept

> Hi,

I usually try to avoid your scenario, because I prefer that the
primary key be non-user modifyable, for this very reason, it's a pain
in the butt to maintain the keys.

> The advantage I see with CUSTOMER_ID is, that the database don't need
> to a cascade update to all involved tables.
> Q1. The Question is, how much work is that for the database to do a
> cascade update, is it worth it to skip it with CUSTOMER_ID ?

Yes, the more complicated you make a design the easier it is for
something to go wrong.

> Q2. Is there a better way?

Yes, make CUSTOMER_ID an integer, create a generator to maintain it,
(use a trigger to handle this), then whenever a new customer is
created they get their very own key, any tables that refer to the
customer use CUSTOMER_ID as the key. This avoids having to update
secondary tables when the customer information is modified.

> Q3. How do you handle deleting?

I prefer to use the DELETED flag/purge program method, in this case
your program simply sets the DELETED flag, another program at some
future date, then does the actual deleting. This gives us several

1) The delete seems to be instant.
2) You can have an un-delete (usually just pushing the delete button
3) You can review the records to be deleted in a report
4) You can run a backup before the purge
5) You can put a lot of checking in the purge, because it can be run
when the computer is not otherwise terribly busy.


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