Subject setting of TMP_DIRECTORY
Author Ali Gokcen
Hi IB people,
IB ignoring my TMP_DIRECTORY setting in ibconfig file,
i wrote it a lot of time what as opguide said, but didn't work.

but when i tired
INTERBASE_TMP environment variable working fine.

opguide says:

TMP_DIRECTORY 2000000 C:\dir1
You can use the INTERBASE_TMP and TMP environment variables to define the

If you specify temporary directories in isc_config (UNIX) or ibconfig
(Windows), the server

uses those values for the sort files and ignores the server environment
variable values. If

you don’t specify configuration of temporary directories in isc_config or
ibconfig, then the

server picks a location for a sort file based on the following algorithm:

1. Use the directory defined in INTERBASE_TMP environment variable

2. If INTERBASE_TMP isn’t defined, use directory defined in TMP environment


3. If TMP isn’t defined, default to the /tmp directory (UNIX) or C:\temp


Can anybody explain where is my mistake ?