Subject OT? - Interbase 6.01 on Linux (How do I do this?)
Author M Tuttle
Greetings All,

I currently have a WinNT sp6a server and win2000 pro and WinXP work in my
home office. At the office in town we have WinNT sp6a and 95 - 98
workstations. I develop and test at my home office.

I would like to install some version of Linux server in my home office for
testing purposes and have a few questions. Since I'm unfamiliar with Linux
I was hoping some of you who use it could help me out here.

1) Can Linux be installed on the same computer as WinNT and be booted to
either OS?

2) I have noticed that there are several flavors of Linux available.
RedHat, SuSE, and Mandrake.
A) Should I choose one over the other? If so , why.
B) If I select one over another, will the interbase binary install on
any flavor?

3) Where is the best place to download an IB 6.01 binary for Linux?

4) Any website with helpful info on setting up and using Linux / Interbase?

5) Anything else I should ask?

Thanks for any help and pointers.