Subject Re: [ib-support] Fwd: Need your Help
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
A little cryptic on the error message, just my 2 c worth:

BDE has a real problem with doing updates and even inserts if:
1) You don't have a primary key

If you are having problems can you include:
1) Metadata (SQL script for table)
2) Exactly process of adding (e.g. select table from SQL explorer and select
data tab).

Sorry to be picky, but it makes it much easier to diagnose and help.

Also, still got a huge site running on 80% BDE. Not trying to say it's
good, but it works. If I had a greenfield site I wouldn't be using it, but
we have 100's of datamodules that are BDE linked.
> >Dear Sir/Madam:
> >I am DELPHI programmer, I create my database by Interbase Client &
> >- I created table that contains of four fields ( Number, Days, IMonth,
> >IYear). From explorer of Database into DELPHI, I manually inserted values
> >for tow fields, as following:
> > Number Days IMonth IYear
> > 1 1
> > 1 1
> > 2 1
> >after few minutes, I was trying to insert values to Other ( IMonth,
> >IYear) fields in the first and second record. I could not, and this wrong
> >message was allows appear:
> >
> >but when I was trying to do it with IBConsole, I did it successfully.
> >Can you tell me the reasons that made it is possible in the first time

> >by BDE " explorer of database into DELPHI").