Subject Linux Firebird RC2 CS RPM,
Author David K. Trudgett
Hi all,

I just did an install of Linux Firebird RC2 Classic Server on a Red
Hat 7.1 system (RPM install). Went like a breeze (after I remembered
to uninstall Firebird SuperServer 0.9.4). Took under five seconds,
most of which was typing the RPM command. I'm spoilt.

When I ran the script (after reading it carefully,
of course!), I noticed that it created the required "firebird" group,
but not the "firebird" user (I previously used the "interbase" user).
That was no problem, I just created the user and re-ran the script.

I just wondered why it didn't also create the user, and thought it may
have been an oversight.


David Trudgett