Subject Re: %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?
Author Aage Johansen
Kursat: I have only one table, 3 field, and 1.000.000 record txt file, I
read data from txt file with a while loop using IBODatabase, IBOQuery,
IB_Script, first delete all the record, and then read the data one by one.
insert into GDB and then post. thats all. PIII 650 my computer is, 192 RAM,

If you start by deleting 1.000.000 records you should not be surprised if
there is some CPU activity...
Do you also have active indexes (!) on those records (when doing the delete)?
I also think that you may experience the effect of garbage collection
during the new inserts.
Maybe dropping/recreating the table will be quicker?

When a program drives the IB/Fb server process very close to 100%, other
users experience delays. I suspect that IB/Fb is not sufficiently fair
when allocating resources. When that program has had a fair chance to
complete its work it should be put on a lower priority so newcomers can get
some work done.

Aage J.