Subject Re: [ib-support] %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?
Author Martijn Tonies

>> could help, but MY first problem would be HOW, which is
>> what, as a newcommer, he has been asking. Then working with
>> the samples be has got to the point where he can ( from a
>> standing start of not even knowing Delphi ) do what HE
>He didn't mention that he's only just learning Delphi, or any other
>programming language, or SQL, for that matter. You must have the
>benefit of knowledge gained outside the current thread, which other
>posters don't have.
>All I know is that he said he wasn't a professional programmer. When I
>wasn't a professional programmer, I could program in 8086/8088
>Assembler, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, a tiny bit of Forth, and a tiny
>bit of 6502 Assembler (on a Commodore 64, may it rest in peace).

6510 Assembler actually, and it isn't resting yet - it's still alive and
kicking :)

Before I was a professional programmer, the 6510 was all I did :)

Martijn Tonies
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