Subject Starting Firebird with Linux (SUSE)
Author jperhay
I recently upgraded to SUSE 7.3 on an Intel platform and at the same
time moved to Firebird SS RC2 from Interbase 6.01. Seemed to install
flawlessly and works great after manually starting Firebird. I would
like Firebird to start on boot up. If I go to YAST2, I see the
Firebird entry in the "Runlevel editor" with levels 2, 3 and 5 setup.
(I'm in level 5.) I also note that Firebird is not 'Running'.
Selecting "Start" from the Start/Stop/Refresh pulldown menu does
indeed start Firebird - but only for the current boot up. Re-boot and
Firebird has not started.

Looking at the files present, I see the Firebird script in
/etc/init.d with the "S" and "K" links to that script in rc2.d, rc3.d
and rc5.d directories. In checking the interbase.log file, there are
no errors - just the "guardian starting bin/ibserver" verification.

I'm far from a Linux wizard - - what am I missing???