Subject Re: [ib-support] glibc binaries
Author Paul Schmidt
On 28 Dec 2001, at 12:59, Daniel Bertin wrote:

> Hi all
> seems like all my pain for installing RC2 has come down to upgrading
> the Glibc to 2.2( or 2.1) for my mandrake 7.2 linux.
> would someone know where I could find glibc 2.1 binaries?"rpm" or any
> other libraries that should be upgraded for firebird RC2?
> I managed to uninstall rc2 and go back to version firebird .9

Try they have RPMs for just about anything you could
imagine, along with a searchable index. However if your running a
dialup connection, you may find you have to download several fairly
large RPMs. You then have to decide whether it's easier to grab
the FB sources and roll your own copy using your glibc, or whether
it's better to just grab a newer Mandrake (I just picked up 8.1 for
CDN $39 boxed set with 3CDs and a paper manual -- if your in
Canada try your local Futureshop)


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies