Subject RE: [ib-support] %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?
Author Kaputnik
How are you importing data into the GDB?
When you import it using extrenal tables, IB will run this import in a
priority-thread and therefore using pretty much power as it can get.

If you import data using other mechanisms, be sure to disable all indizes
you can to speed up import. Keeping the indizes active will require much
processing power for every insert and thus killing your machine. WIth
disabled indizes, import will be _much_ faster and the CPU will lock up only
for the time rebuilding the index, which should be not as long as the
importing itself.


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> Subject: [ib-support] %100 CPU usage with interbase, is it usual?
> Hi,
> when I importing data into GDB the CPU usage rate becomes %100
> is it possible or I am making an error,
> if it usual how can I decrease the CPU usage. because I can not run any
> other application
> thanks
> kursat
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