Subject Re: [ib-support] IN limitation to 1500 ?
Author Paul Schmidt
On 27 Dec 2001, at 10:13, tempo93fr wrote:

> With a select that contain a IN statement, I get the following error
> message :
> Dynamic SQL Error
> SQL error code = -901
> Implementation limit exceeded
> too many values (more than 1500) in member list to match
> In fact my IN statement contain more than 1500 values.
I saw this message and some of the replies, usually when you
bump into a limit like this, then it really means that your going
about it the wrong way. For example rather then using SELECT ..
IN ... and putting a bunch of values in a selection list, then perhaps
you should put the selection list into a table, and then use some
plain SQL like this:

SELECT fields FROM table1
JOIN table2 on table1.value = table2.value

This will save you shipping those 1500+ values across to the server
every time you run the query.

Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies