Subject Re: [ib-support] Poor Network Performance
> AFAIK, this doesn't happen with Winsock2...

Helen = I'll disagree with you on that one
It depends on the versions of driver used and getting
machines to use the correct driver can be impossible. I had
two identical DELL nachines with the same network chip set
on the motherboard, but different versions of BIOS. The only
way we got the problam machine to load the correct driver
was to update the BIOS. Both were running Winsock2!

OK it probably was not Microsoft's problem, but it's the
'detect new hardware' function that has problems because
there are simply no standards to follow - Microsoft never
did understand hardware.

XP is already displaying the same tendencies ! I've just had
to install 98 on a brand new laptop in order to get the
network even working, because the wireless adaptor would not
install on XP - the latest D-Link 802.11b - but the customer
wanted to use their library of computers games as well -
many of which would not install on XP - "Wrong operating

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services