Subject Poor Network Performance
Author M Tuttle
Greetings All,

WinNT 4 SP6a (Server)
win95, 98 workstations
Interbase 6.01

We're having poor network performance with IBConsole (As well as our
application) across our network. The catch is that 20% of our machines work
great. The other 80% are slow. Painfully slow as in about 40 seconds to
open a table that has just two records in it. On the 20% that do work fine,
the data retrival is instant. The connection to the GDB is slow as well as
any SQL commands we run interactively. If we run the DB locally on these
machines, the problem goes away. Can anyone think of anything we might be
doing wrong that is causing a problem for some of our machines?

Thanks for any pointers...