Subject Re: [ib-support] ODBC for IB6
Author Paul Schmidt
On 21 Dec 2001, at 10:09, Roberto de Amorim wrote:

> where could I find an ODBC driver to Interbase 6 (FREE)

No software is truly free, it's just the price takes a different form.
For example some of the drivers cost no money however, some are
buggy, some don't work well with certain tools (many free ones
don't work with the sql built in Crystal Reports queries for
example). Some haven't seen a release in months, because the
programmer has been busy on other projects. Some have poor
documentation, and technical support is an email address that
gets looked at rarely if at ever. Don't get me wrong, I am not
knocking free drivers, and some may have improved enormously
since I last looked at any of them (October), I just didn't find any
that were ready for what I was looking for in a driver. You need to
visit a site that has some of them, download a bunch and then
draw your own conclusions, both and have lists of drivers.

Take a look at some of the commercial ones, if time is money
(usually it is), then spending US$50 - US$100 may be worth it, if
the alternative is spending three days with a cranky driver when
you could be billing US$50 per hour. If you need Crystal support,
then you really need the commercial driver.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies