Subject Re: [ib-support] Ann: Firebird 1.0.0 RC2 Win32 Installer (Unnoficial)
Author Artur Anjos
(Trying to help the people that could not download the files from Luis's web

I have made a mirror on my site, to help it (just copy the file from Luis
web site to this place).

You can get the install file in:

I hope it helps.

If someone ever need some web space for something that could help this
community, please feel free to ask. I have lot's of space always online, and
I really like to participate helping FB community. The server is in
Portugal, and could help some European people.

Artur Anjos

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Subject: [ib-support] Ann: Firebird 1.0.0 RC2 Win32 Installer (Unnoficial)

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