Subject Char set & collation order ... I'm lost!
Author didiergm
Hello all,

I need to develop and application where English, German, French and
Spanish users will enter data in the same database.

they need to be able to correctly retrieve/display and update
regardless of the language it was entered in. (on the same record we
potentially can have field entered in all 4 languages, with their own
special, accented characters. (e.g. french éèçà, spanish inverted
question mark or german long-S)

I am very confused about charsets, I do not want to have to specify
charset on every fields. I have made some tests with a a table
created with 3 fields and 3 charset (ISO_8859, WIN1252, WIN1251 and
WIN1252. in none of the cases I could enter any french lowercase
accented chars, I am always geting a transliteration' error message.

Any advice, explanation .... will be more than welcomed.

Thanks for your time