Subject Re: [ib-support] Duel Boot Machines
Author Frank Schlottmann-Gödde
> Hi All,
> I am purchasing a new machine which I intend to duel boot between
> Windows XP Pro and Mandrake Linux 8.1. This machine will be used for
> development work of a Firebird based system. Half of the development
> work is in Java (Servlets) for which I intend to use Linux as the
> development environment (where possible). The other half is in
> (therefore windows :-().

You may wish to check
if you can live with Windows 98 for your Delphi development.

> If I partition the disk into at least 3 partitions (1 Linux, 1
> Windows, 1 data) with the data partition something like Fat32, can I
> the same firebird database whether booted in Windows or Linux?

Yes, if you don't use NTFS or the like.

> An additional question I have is regarding Windoze XP. What is the
> chance of a config parameter in the config file to specify the file
> extension for the isc4.gdb file and the default database extension
> (something like .fdb)?

At the moment you will have to exclude your data partition from system
recovery and install
Firebird there.

> This would allow all the XP system restore
> problems to be bypassed completely just by renaming the isc4.gdb to
> isc4.fdb and changing all database extensions.

We'll see, it's hard coded at the moment.


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