Subject RE: [ib-support] [OT] Software Network traffic sniffer
Author Kaputnik
Thanx Helen and Doug.

Ethereal was exactly what I was looking for.
If you think it is too complex to use you've never used a
hardware-sniffer :-)
All in all it is solid, and exports its dumps into many formats, so that
I can analyze them just as I used them to do....

I can only encourage everyone to use such tools when building C/S apps,
as they will reveal any weaknesses in your programming style...

When we used to do the network-benchmarks on standard-application
software, we had differences around 2500% in network usage, and the
packet size/roundtrips even diverged further. This can be very easy
transferred into overall performance, as the network is very often the
bottleneck in large installations.


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> At 12/17/2001 05:32 PM (Monday), Kaputnik wrote:
> >Does anyone know of any similar software, which can sniff
> on
> >a distinct port (presumably 3050) to let me know how much bandwidth
> apps
> >need in different configurations?
> >It should be freeware and should be able to report at least packet
> >packet count and roundtrips-count.
> I've played a bit with under Windows 2000 Pro.
> Worked fine but took a bit of learning to figure out. I barely got it
> work before I moved on to other things so all I can say is it is real,
> does
> work, is free open source.