Subject [OT] Software Network traffic sniffer
Author Kaputnik
Hi and sorry for the off-topic post, but I am sure that some of the people
on this list have used already something like what I need.

Where I work, we have these very nice hardware-network sniffers.
They are plugged into the switches and can be configured to monitor from
everything in the network to only the traffic between two IP's at one port
only. They report total traffic, roundtrips, packet size and so on. The
included software can draw me very nice diagrams and has helped me a lot in
improving my apps (IBO based). We bought them 2 or 3 years ago to do
parformance-benchmarks of Frontends of Standard-applications like sap,
oracle, peoplesoft and siebel.

Well, these are nice, but for my private development its not a very good
idea to take them home with me (especially, as IB is running locally on the
same machine as the app...)

Does anyone know of any similar software, which can sniff network-traffic on
a distinct port (presumably 3050) to let me know how much bandwidth my apps
need in different configurations?
It should be freeware and should be able to report at least packet size,
packet count and roundtrips-count.

Thank you in advance,

Nick Josipovic

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