Subject RC 1 problem - Database corruption
Author jeffp0502
I'm having a very serious problems with RC1 on Mandrake V 8.0

I took a database that was working fine off of a 0.9.4 system
running Mandrake 7.2 and GBAK'd into RC1 just to be sure. Within
a few hours of very low use I started getting "consistency check"

I've run GFIX, GBAK (unload & reload), created a brand new database
and pumped the data over. I can't seem to go more than an hour or so
without a error. Messages include:

internal gds software consistency check (cannot find record back

Relation has 3 orphan backversions (183 in use) in table XXX

internal gds software consistency check (decompression overran buffer

This server has two databases under it. Both are exhibiting these
problems. The only difference I can find (besided OS release & DB
release) is that one has a 1024 page size and the other 4096.

I've checked the to make sure the WIN32 clients are running the RC1

Any thougths on what's happening ?

Thanks in advance