Subject Re: [ib-support] Messages in server log
Author Paul Reeves
alex_vnru wrote:
> Hi, All.
> Since I installed FB LI-T6.2.659, server log contains numerous
> pairs of messages
> gdsintl2: not in a valid UDF directory
> not in a valid UDF directory
> I really have'nt such a file on this computer. But all my
> applications works fine and I have'nt any troubles with develop
> process. What is it?

It's a small bug. You are seeing an ambitious attempt to warn about attempts
to load libraries that are not stored in valid UDF directories. But for some
reason almost every library that the engine tries to load causes this error to
be thrown. It seems to be harmless, as long as you have plenty of space to
store the log. It should be fixed for RC2.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further