Subject Re: FBUDF troubles
Author rhollay
Yes, this was one of the first things I checked. In fact, the
functions was installed with the attached FBUDF.sql install script.
In source files the entry_points are in the same case as in the
install script.
Simply, I have no idea how to persuade the FBUDF into work!

Thank you, Zoli

--- In ib-support@y..., Bill Morrison <bmorrison@n...> wrote:
> You may have already checked this, but when doing your declare
> function command, do you have the entry_point parameter in the
right case?
> i.e. entry_point "blahfunc" will fail if the DLL exports the
function as
> "BlahFunc".
> Bill M
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> Subject: [ib-support] FBUDF troubles
> Hi,
> I have troubles with FBUDF.dll. This problem is several times
> discussed in this newsgroup already, but nobody gave an adequate
> answer yet.
> My FB RC1 server is running on a Windows NT4, SP6. I've simply
> copied the UDF dlls to the FBROOT/UDF directory and all other UDFs
> (ib_udf, FreeUDFLib,...) work correctly, except FBUDF. It gives
> me the "module name or entrypoint could not be found" error.
> I obtained an already compiled version from a russian web site in
> FB RC1 installation package.
> I have downloaded the sources too and compiled them successfully
> with MS Visual C++, but the error remained. I've tried all the
> "tricks" picked up from this newsgroup (configuring the IBCONFIG
> file, writing the module name with and without the .dll extension,
> etc.) but had no success.
> I know, this is not a final version of FBUDF, I just wanted to get
> it a try, especially because of SNVL, INVL functions.
> I'm not very familiar with C language, so I cannot find out
> where to change anything in FBUDF sources to get it to work.
> Has anybody an idea where is the problem?
> TIA, Zoli
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