Subject FBUDF troubles
Author rhollay

I have troubles with FBUDF.dll. This problem is several times
discussed in this newsgroup already, but nobody gave an adequate
answer yet.
My FB RC1 server is running on a Windows NT4, SP6. I've simply
copied the UDF dlls to the FBROOT/UDF directory and all other UDFs
(ib_udf, FreeUDFLib,...) work correctly, except FBUDF. It gives
me the "module name or entrypoint could not be found" error.
I obtained an already compiled version from a russian web site in a
FB RC1 installation package.
I have downloaded the sources too and compiled them successfully
with MS Visual C++, but the error remained. I've tried all the
"tricks" picked up from this newsgroup (configuring the IBCONFIG
file, writing the module name with and without the .dll extension,
etc.) but had no success.
I know, this is not a final version of FBUDF, I just wanted to get
it a try, especially because of SNVL, INVL functions.
I'm not very familiar with C language, so I cannot find out
where to change anything in FBUDF sources to get it to work.
Has anybody an idea where is the problem?

TIA, Zoli