Subject Re: Generator RDB$SECURITY
Author rogervellacott
While we're on the subject of generators, what about this
SQL$DEFAULT? Might it not be better to name it RDB$SQL_DEFAULT to
maintain the naming convention for system tables?

--- In ib-support@y..., Paul Reeves <paul@f...> wrote:
> Roger Vellacott wrote:
> >
> > Using FB RC1
> >
> > I have a database which Validates ok, backs up ok, but on
restore, at the
> > last moment, reports an attempt to insert a duplicate value in a
> > index. The index in question turns out to be the index on the
> > table. It also turns out that the database has a generator called
> > RDB$SECURITY, which is not present when a database is created
from scratch.
> >
> I believe this is something that sneaked in around the time of RC1.
It also
> looks as if it has snuck out again. Later builds don't do this.
> Paul
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