Subject Generator RDB$SECURITY
Author Roger Vellacott
Using FB RC1

I have a database which Validates ok, backs up ok, but on restore, at the
last moment, reports an attempt to insert a duplicate value in a unique
index. The index in question turns out to be the index on the Generator
table. It also turns out that the database has a generator called
RDB$SECURITY, which is not present when a database is created from scratch.

If I delete the generator, backup and restore run without a problem.

I assume this generator is created and deleted as part of the Restore
procedure, and that at some point restore on this database failed before it
had a chance to delete. Now, the creation always fails because the
generator already exists.

If this is the case, it might be a good idea to test for this condition,
either on backup or restore, to avoid the cold hand of fear which grips when
your 100% OK backup file throws an error.

Roger Vellacott