Subject Re: [ib-support] upgrade - how?
Author Paul Schmidt
On 12 Dec 2001, at 9:55, Nick Upson wrote:

> but the PHM is actually the MD of the company, he doesn't have to
> justify his decisions, just announce them :(

This can always be a problem, however your the professional
computer guy here, so you make your recommendations
(preferably in writing) , if the PHM doesn't like those
recommendations, then at least your get to say "I told you so" as
you put in for the $10,000 worth of overtime to fix it.

One of the issues, is that PC servers, years ago became
monolithic, partly because of Novell and Microsoft licencing fees,
where as Linux and Bsd are modular, since you can load one copy
of Linux on several machines, you can buy 3 $10,000 machines,
rather then one $60,000 machine (including licences), and gain
some other benefits as well, such as if the drive in the file server
packs up, then the database and internet servers are not affected.
If the Internet machine does, then the database and file server
continue to operate.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies