Subject Re: [ib-support] upgrade - how?
> so would I put the PHM has decided that it's a waste of money to have a
> linux box just acting as a database server

Since linux would run on 'any old machine' and does not cost
ANYTHING over the cost of a good distribution, I would want
to see that statement justified.

Taking the database of the windows server allows BOTH to
perform better, and I'm only running a K6/2-233 for the
linux box <g>.

Seriously, the time spent trying to 'tune' a windows based
system will cost a lot more than droping in an extra
processor - even more if it's one that you are upgrading
elsewhere - and SUSE7.3 went straight on for me, I switched
on FTP server ( a little fiddly but not necissarily needed),
and installed Firebird all in a couple of hours.

It hasn't been switched off since! Except for a power
problem - the surge took out the power supply on the windows
box - AFTER THE UPS - and when replaced I had to reinstall
Windows 2k Server. The linux box was not on UPS and just
repaired it's self and restarted.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services