Subject Update question...
Author Clément Doss

This is not really an issue but as I am porting a SQL server 7 code to IB/FB, I am having some
problems ....

The SQL Server code is

Update T1
SET T1.CHR_Status = T2.CHR_Status,
T1.DTM_Update = Current_TimeStamp
from Codigos T1, W_Codigos T2
where (T1.INT_Codigo_ID = T2.INT_Codigo_ID) and
( (T2.CHR_TIPO = 'B') or (T2.CHR_TIPO is NULL) )

I looked up the Update syntax.... And I can´t find a way to duplicate this.
(This code is very simple. There are others that uses 4 tables!!!!.
This table has 500K records and ALL the records are modified every day - 90 % update , 5 % Insert ,
5 % Delete. )

the 'Codigos' table is heavily used, so I am processing all the records in 'W_Codigos'. Then the
Update, the insert and the delete are executed in this order . They all have the same FROM .. WHERE

I am using FB 0.9.4

Am I in troubles?