Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Please remove the ambiguity check
Author Ann W. Harrison

> > In the case of Dialect 1 databases, the system will raise a warning
> >
> > For Dialects 2 & 3, the system will error and abort the query.
> >
>Are you recommending then that we should stay with Dialect 1? I had
>rather assumed that this would eventually be phased out.

Yes, over time it probably will be phased out, but if you've got
an application that works in Dialect 1 and doesn't need upgrades,
you'll stick with it.

> > > I would rather have ambiguity, than rewrite every query in
> > > our apps.
>I assumed that Dialect 1 and IB used the first occurence of the field
>name in the list of field names in the query. This is not
>inconsistent. Are you telling me it sometimes chooses the first
>occurrence, and at other times second or third occurrences?

One of the most common data structures in the engine is a linked
list stack. One of its characteristics is that it inverts the order
of elements. During request compilation, fields are stacked and
restacked several times. Yes, for any give version of the engine
you will get the same results each time, but if an optimization or
bug fix adds another stack, your results may vary.


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