Subject RE: [ib-support] RC1 Error - Responses
Author Bill Morrison
page_size = 8192

SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MAX and MIN = 0 //In the 5.6 opguide, this means it is
"system determined".

The TMP and TEMP User Variables are set to c:\temp, which has 3.3GB
available. As for disk thrashing, I really don't notice much, the connection
errors out in a couple of seconds.

I'll go research the SERVER_WORKING... variables to see what values I
can/should assign to them.


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Subject: RE: [ib-support] RC1 Error - Responses

At 04:40 PM 05-12-01 -0800, you wrote:
>To quickly emulate it, I changed it to read in the first 300kb from each of
>those files. This spikes nicely, and causes the Kernel memory to jump to
>152mb, but it still succeeds.
>It seems like there is a piece of the puzzle missing somewhere . . .


You probably did it already, but... does (DATABASE_CACHE_PAGES * page_size)
come out greater than SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MAX? (It seems this could get to
be an issue quite easily with 16K pages). I bumped into this parameter
while researching for a documentation task but so far haven't discovered
what the defaults are for SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MAX and

If the cache is already thrashing the disk, is there enough temp space left
in your TMP_DIRECTORY for merge-sort operations on huge datasets?