Subject RC1 Error - Responses
Author Bill Morrison
Thanks for all the replies, here is my attempt to answer the questions

-- In regards to using/testing on Win2k that's currently not possible (maybe
next week). Also, this application is required to run on NT4.

-- DB Cache settings were not modified from the install. Running gfix
-buffers failed with the same error. Working on connecting to the db with a
lower db cache now.

-- 16 kb page size. I did some initial tests with it, but for the blob
fields and other data I'm storing it sucks up far more hard drive space for
an equivalent number of records.

-- In terms of resource use, I have a small file made from NT's perf monitor
that contains the Paged/Non Paged memroy events. I will send this file to
whoever asks for it (~4 kb), or post them here as an attachment.

If I missed any questions asked, please let me know. I tried to be as
comprehensive as possible.


Bill Morrison