Subject Re: [ib-support] Borland strikes back with IB6.5???
> > Mmmmm, we have "clients" the leave a connection open when they "go away"
> all
> > the time. People turn the application PC's off without closing down any
> > applications running on them, here, during testing in the code debugger,
> we
> > "reset" the program that we're debugging all the time without properly
> > closing the connection. IB5.6 has never "left it open", well, I guess with
> > one exception, that is it you start a big and maybe badly formed query
> > running against a lot of data, one that can take a "long" time to run, and
> > then kill the application, the query continues to run on the server until
> > completion, but simple turning a PC off with a connection, IB closes it
> just
> > fine and writes and INET 10054 "error" into the Interbase log file.
> Correct behaviour...
> Certain parameters were added in 5.0
> To try and handle this, the parameters
> CONNECTION_TIMEOUT 180 (in seconds)
> DUMMY_PACKET_INTERVAL 60 (in seconds)
> Support a connection timeout mechanism for the InterBase server.

How come Borland UK did not seem to know about that. The
problem I PAID them to help solve with was user names being
left in the connected list after FrameRelay hickupped. Their
responce was that nothing could be done, that was the way
IB5.x worked!

As a result of that sort of treatment I will not be paying
BORLAND for anything that I don't have to.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services