Subject Re: [ib-support] Borland strikes back with IB6.5???
Author Paul Beach
> Mmmmm, we have "clients" the leave a connection open when they "go away"
> the time. People turn the application PC's off without closing down any
> applications running on them, here, during testing in the code debugger,
> "reset" the program that we're debugging all the time without properly
> closing the connection. IB5.6 has never "left it open", well, I guess with
> one exception, that is it you start a big and maybe badly formed query
> running against a lot of data, one that can take a "long" time to run, and
> then kill the application, the query continues to run on the server until
> completion, but simple turning a PC off with a connection, IB closes it
> fine and writes and INET 10054 "error" into the Interbase log file.

Correct behaviour...

Certain parameters were added in 5.0
To try and handle this, the parameters
CONNECTION_TIMEOUT 180 (in seconds)
Support a connection timeout mechanism for the InterBase server.

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