Subject Partially missing record
Author Benno
Hi All,

I have a very strange problem on 1 testmachine. This machine has always
worked OK, but starting today it gives an error when it opens my testapp. It
cannot find one of the fieldreferences. Testing the same exe on other
machines gives no problems.

I use FIB plus and delphi 5. The server and client are the tagged builds
from the Mers site.

The message is TBBuro Field SchemaID_1 not found.

TBBuro is the name of the dataset, SchemaID_1 is the field it cannot find.

We reinstalled the client software with the same result. After this we
installed the server on this machine, put the database in a local folder and
used a connectstring c:\datafolder\databasename with the same result.

Does anybody have a suggestion on what this could be? Any ideas on finding
the problem?

The log on the server seems OK, no strange messages about errors.