Subject RE: [ib-support] RC1 Error - Responses
Author Leyne, Sean

> -- In terms of resource use, I have a small file made from
> NT's perf monitor
> that contains the Paged/Non Paged memroy events. I will send
> this file to
> whoever asks for it (~4 kb), or post them here as an attachment.

Thanks for the file you sent me, I just wanted to pass along a lesson I
just learned about WinNT Performance Monitor.

I gave you the wrong instructions about capturing the monitoring

In order to capture to performance results and then be able to review
them, you need to:

- Launch PerfMon and then go to the Log view (Ctrl-L).

- Then you need to select what values you want to collect, press Ctrl-I
and select the Process object.

- Then you need to go to the options windows (Ctrl-O) and specify the
filename of the log you wish to create (IBServer.log) and the sampling
interval (in this case I think we want sub-second) enter 0.5. You also
want to press the "Start Log" button on this form.

- Then perform your test, try accessing your database.

- After you get your error message, you need to go back to the PerfMon
screen and open the options window (Ctrl-O) and press "Stop Log".

To review the captured results you:

- Use the Options | Data From... menu option and point to the log file
which was created.

- You will then need to select the counters/value you wish to display in
the Chart view (Ctrl-C), just like you would normally.