Subject IB Objects (was Re: [ib-support] Borland strikes back with IB6.5???)
Author Salim Naufal
I am well aware of Jason's IBObjects and find them excellent. The main
question I ask right now is which flavor of IB will Jason support.
The API have started to diverge and he will have to consider which
distribution he will support. Considering that Interbase V6.5 is not
opensource, this means that IB6 opesource development is practically dead
(please correct me if I am wrong). Having heard that IBX will not be forked
to support Firebird specific features and APIs, Firebird's only hope is
IBObjects (and of course, a Kylix version would be a definite plus).


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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Borland strikes back with IB6.5???

At 05/12/2001 08:00 AM, you wrote:
>One Interesting feature is the possibility of hiding the metadata. I
>remember it was an issue with many developpers.
>One the bad side, many people use IB Express. Once IB Express starts
>supporting IB6.5, we may start having problems
>using them with Firebird. Are there substitutes with similar

Take a look at IB Objects at Jason has made a set of
components that are wonderful to work with. Do keep in mind that they have
some differences in the way they work in comparison with IBX, but they are
much better. BTW, they are not free(trustware), but worth the money for
the work that Jason does.

Have a look and there a YahooGroups for IBO support and it's excellent

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