Subject Re: [ib-support] Borland strikes back with IB6.5???
Author Pavel Cisar

On 4 Dec 2001, at 18:30, Rob Schuff wrote:

> The xml feature is very handy though. I hope FB might have that in the
> future. and the enhanced metadata looks like it might be ok. but other than
> that I'm not jumping up and down.

About XML "feature":

1) It's not yet surfaced by commonly used tools, so you have to
descend to API level to get at it right now.

2) It's nothing special what can't be easily accomplished with
Delphi/BCB in your application or at access library (IBX,IBO etc.)
level. There is no need to pollute GDS32.DLL with this.

Metadata security is kinda cool and could help IB to make it for
web hosting providers, but it's just that and many would tell you
that's like patching the hole on sunken ship.

For me, the only one "interesting" feature is Borland's approach to
FIRST/SKIP with ROWS/ORDER BY but just from design stand-
point. And while I must admit that their approach is interesting, I
also found it bloated. Some variants are just feature for feature (i.e.
useful for 0.0001% of users).

All in all, nothing really exciting. But what I'd like to _really_ know
is the list of bugs fixed and what will make it to IB OE and when. If
I would be an IB6 user, I'd upgrade only to get bugfixes, as I can't
find anything else in 6.5 that I _must have_ and that's worth the
upgrade cost.

Just my 0.02c
-- Pavel Cisar

There is nothing wrong with InterBase
that Firebird can't fix for you