Subject Re: no gds_inet_server on Red Hat 6.2
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> henryfranquet@r... wrote:
> >
> > When reading Interbase documentation about increasing linux
> > performance, I have found that we should set no wait status for
> > Interbase server by modifying inetd.conf
> >
> > As I check my linus configuration, there is no entry in
> > nor xinetd directory and there is no bin called gds_inet_server
> >
> > What should I do ?
> >
> Uninstall the (InterBase) SuperServer version and install the
> Classic version?

I haven't yet test Firebird with my app. But is Classic version more
stable or faster than SuperServer Version ? I have very heavy query
application ( I shall use GIGABIT connexion) and rather heavy OLTP

> Seriously, the advice you were reading refers to installations of
the Classic
> server (CS), not the SuperServer (SS). SS has to be started from a
> process. CS is kicked off automatically by inetd when it hears a
request on
> the gds_db port (usually 3050).
> I don't believe that a CS version of IB 6.0 exists though. (At
least, not a
> pre-built binary.) However, Firebird has binaries available for CS
and SS.
Thanks, but my first objective is : Is there a optimation in TCP
protocol for SuperServer Version, as to avoid wait state ?