Subject Re: [ib-support] no gds_inet_server on Red Hat 6.2
Author Paul Reeves
henryfranquet@... wrote:
> When reading Interbase documentation about increasing linux
> performance, I have found that we should set no wait status for
> Interbase server by modifying inetd.conf
> As I check my linus configuration, there is no entry in inetd.conf,
> nor xinetd directory and there is no bin called gds_inet_server
> What should I do ?

Uninstall the (InterBase) SuperServer version and install the (Firebird)
Classic version?

Seriously, the advice you were reading refers to installations of the Classic
server (CS), not the SuperServer (SS). SS has to be started from a single
process. CS is kicked off automatically by inetd when it hears a request on
the gds_db port (usually 3050).

I don't believe that a CS version of IB 6.0 exists though. (At least, not a
pre-built binary.) However, Firebird has binaries available for CS and SS.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further