Subject Buggy dependency tracking?
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi all,

Some time ago, I posted a message about IBs dependency tracking being, well,
not correct. I got a customer database that said there were dependencies,
type triggers, named 'DB$<nr>'. I tracked it down and the entries should be
'RDB$<nr>' instead.

Today, I got a wrong dependency myself. Instead of a stored procedure name
(type was Procedure), it listed 'DB$797' - and I couldn't find an object
like that. I found 4 entries in the table, paired 2 by two the same: 1 entry
for the object, another entry for the column.

I made a backup of the database and restored it - now, the dependency
records where alright - listing a depenency for an existing stored procedure
and only 2 records existed (1 entry for the object, another entry for the

Any idea how this could go wrong? Some obscure bug in the engine?

(IB 6.0.1, Win32)

Martijn Tonies
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